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Will My Auto Policy Cover a U-haul Rental?

At the agency, we are frequently asked about whether or not a personal auto policy will cover renting a U-haul truck. The answer to this? Maybe.

You will need to discuss the coverage with your agent prior to renting the U-haul. In order to determine if there is coverage, your agent will want to know the size of the U-haul in question. Typically just knowing the length of the truck or gross vehicle weight will provide the needed information.

Some companies will cover the U-haul as a temporary substitute to one of the vehicles on your policy as long as you have full coverage on a vehicle. Others will not transfer the coverage to the U-haul since it is not considered a private passenger vehicle. If this is the case, you will need to purchase the insurance the U-haul company offers. Typically your personal auto policy will not cover any loss of use charges that may be assessed by the U-haul company. This means if you have an accident with the truck, while it is being repaired the company is losing out on rental income and they may charge you for the daily rental fees while the truck is out of commission. You will want to discuss his with the rental company prior to renting a truck.

As always, it is best to discuss coverage with your agent as each company varies in what it will cover. Keeping a dialogue with your agent will help prevent you from ending up in sticky situation where you may be left financially damaged.

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