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Uber Driver - Am I Covered?

As Uber, Lyft, and other ride hailing companies become increasingly popular, you may be considering driving for one of these companies. Most of these companies have an insurance policy in place that covers your liability and vehicle while you are transporting a passenger. However, there is a large gray area that could leave you with a gap in coverage. While a passenger is in your vehicle, you have coverage under the company you are driving for, however they do not offer coverage while your app is on but you do not yet have a passenger. Personal car insurance typically excludes coverage for any business use of your vehicle, and you risk having your insurance dropped or a claim denied if the insurer finds out you’re hiring out your car. The time between turning the app on and picking up a passenger could leave you with no coverage.

The only way to guarantee coverage is to purchase a commercial auto policy that is designed for this type of situation. Although it sounds simple, commercial insurance can be substantially more expensive than your personal auto policy. Because of these factors, it would be wise to discuss the cost of a commercial insurance policy before making the decision to become a driver for a ride hailing company. Depending on the cost of the policy, you may determine that it is not worth it to take on the added exposure. Regardless of your course of action, you should understand that you are leaving yourself vulnerable to liability issues which may or may not fall on you personally.

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